All you need in life is a custom storefront awning (and a friend who has chocolate)

All you need in life is a custom storefront awning (and a friend who has chocolate)

The Kansas City Country Club Plaza is home to many local delicacies.  Shopping, live music, Stoli Dolis and some of the best food in the city.  It’s also home to a hidden gem, Panache Chocolatier & Café.  Hidden?  That doesn’t sound right…Panache has been a Kansas City staple for more than 36 years!  And you wouldn’t think that a specialty chocolate café would have any trouble getting noticed.

Panache Original Door Sign

But street visibility has been a big struggle as the storefront sits back from other shops on the block.  Also, their original door sign didn’t clearly identify what was inside.

Owners, Derrick & Julie House, knew they needed a way to increase visibility and let people know, at a glance, what they were offering.  So they reached out to Kansas City Tent & Awning for ideas.

Our designers talked through their goals with them and provided some options.  They settled on a door awning that had a clear message, chocolate & café.

Panache door awning renderingWe then sent a rendering of what the awning would look like on their storefront.  They approved it and we set about building it by hand.  When we installed it a couple of weeks later, they said, ‘the design was exactly like the rendering.’

What about customer traffic?  The awning was installed about 6 months ago, and the owners say that customers commonly say, ‘I was walking by and saw ‘chocolate’ on the sign.’ Before the awning, did people mention seeing the sign?  It was rare.

And how about their experience with Kansas City Tent & Awning?  Derrick and Julie know we are, in their words, a ‘high quality, local company’, and this was what they had to say when everything was finished,

‘The quality, professionalism, and results exceeded our already high expectations.’


Panache Chocolatier & Cafe, once a hidden gem set back from the street for people to stumble upon, can now reach everyone that passes by.  And as 11 year old Sophie puts it, “All you need in life is a friend who has chocolate.”

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