Awning Artists

Awning Artists in Every Department


A quick peek into our people

Our people are what make us who we are. We have awning artists throughout our company, contributing creative ideas, solutions and innovations throughout the process. It’s this attention to detail and craftsmanship throughout our company that allows us to be the best awning company in Kansas City.



It all starts at the top. Our work ethic and dedication to quality is not something that just happened one day. It’s the result of an intentional culture we instill across our entire organization.




The creative process begins with your initial sales call. As soon as you call, our experience and creativity kicks in. Our sales people aren’t here to just add a notch on their belt. They’re here to help you make solid, informed decisions.



We carry the creative strategy with us everywhere we go. We make sure that your goals and our vision make it to everyone on the team and that we’re always on top of our game.



When we say words like “art” and “design” we don’t simply mean that we create things that look good (though we do.) We create solutions that solve problems. Our designers are problem solvers, philosophers, artists and craftsmen.



Is cutting an art? We think so. The art is in the precision. And it’s a very important part of the shape, quality and lifespan of the finished product.



We take great pride in the quality and workmanship in every piece of metal. It’s just as much a part of our art as our fabric. Without great welding practices, everything falls apart – figuratively and literally speaking.




We only use top of the line fabrics to create our awnings. But the type of fabric we use is worthless without the craftsmanship of those that meticulously sew up the seams. It’s the combination of the material and the workmanship that make our quality awnings unbeatable.



When every piece of metal and fabric is custom sized, the assembly has to be just as precise. The art of assembly takes patience, practice and a very careful attention to detail.



Once your work of art is completed, there is still the small matter of putting it where it needs to go. Easier said than done at times. But there is no structure we haven’t worked with. Hanging your awnings is just as important to our craft as anything.


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