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The History of Commercial Awnings

The history Commercial awnings date back to the Roman Empire and the Coliseum in which a series of pulleys and fabric provided the first retractable awning. Kansas City Tent & Awning has it’s own rich history beginning in 1901. But what we’re most excited about is the legacy we’re creating now. Here’s a fun, interactive look into how we got to where we are today.

70 AD - Roman Colosseum Awnings (retractable awning no less) can be traced as far back as the time of the Roman Empire. They were built creating a complicated system of levers and pulleys to protect from the elements during tournaments and races.

Awnings actually have dated back further to ancient Egyptian civilizations, but we thought 70 AD was a good place to start. View our History of Residential Awnings for more information.

200 AD The retractable awnings were a fascinating example of the scientifically advanced culture of the day.

1850s - Boomtown Era As boomtowns began sprouting up throughout the Old West, awnings became a vital part of the landscape as they served as a way of conquering the hot sun when there was no other respite or relief.
1901 In 1901, Kansas City Tent & Awning opened their doors and a new era in Awnings and Canopies was taking shape.

Kansas City Tent & Awning provided its handiwork to the beautification of the Country Club Plaza - a shopping center based on architectural concepts from Seville, Spain.
2010"s Today, our awnings make up a huge part of the fabric of the Kansas City Landscape.

And we march on, exploring new and innovative ways to apply our craft.



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