The Art of Awnings

Awnings are Art: Awning & Canopy Design

Many times awnings are not noticed because they blend in.  But we believe that awning and canopy design can be works of art.  They can carry a beauty that is timeless yet trendy. They can shout out loud, “come in” or whisper silently, “this is the place you were looking for.” They can provide signage and landmarks. They can protect what’s inside from the sun and what’s outside from the rain. They can conserve the environment through energy efficiency.  They can provide uniformity at a mall and individuality on Main Street. We take the craft of awnings seriously. You’ve probably seen our art everywhere without even realizing it. We want you to admire our awnings as much as we do. So here’s a gallery of some of our favorites. We hope it will inspire you.  We’d love to help you discover how a custom awning could make your business stand out from every other.

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