The Awning Advantage

Awnings Work

What awning benefits should you consider in your search?

An awning serves many distinct purposes. Awning benefits include everything from energy efficiency to increased awareness of your store front. Our awnings go to work from the moment they’re installed. And at Kansas City Tent & Awning, we can add value that no one else can. Let us show you how.


What separates our awnings from the others? There is a difference. And we can back it up – every step of the way.


Our staff are true artisans. And we don’t take that title lightly. From the time you call to the time your awning is installed and beyond, we incorporate our unique brand of creativity and passion into our product. Our staff is like family – and we instill that in our culture from day one.

Our Artists


Craftsmanship. Quality. Whatever it takes to get the job done right, on time and on budget – we’re on it. Our work ethic is strong because we believe in what we do.


We can do just about anything with Fabric and Frames. We can customize the size, shape, design and fabric style to match any design you can conceive. It doesn’t make sense to invest so much into our craft without using only the best quality products to start.  Others might underbid because they can provide less quality options. But for us, poor quality isn’t an option. In the end, quality is what delivers value.


We’ve been around for a long, long time. And we’re not about to go anywhere now. Others can’t guarantee their products because they can’t even guarantee they’ll still be in business.  But we mean something more when we say we’re reliable. We make ourselves available whenever you need us. We show up on time. We get the job done right. We’re committed to seeing that you get the very best – from beginning to end – even after the job is done.


We are not only in the community – we play an active role in the community. We promote and support local businesses. When a project is complete, we promote you – we tell our friends and our followers. We’re connected and people really want to know what we do next. You may want to keep an eye on us as well.

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We keep up on the latest trends and standards in the industry. You can have the confidence that we’re not just providing cookie-cutter solutions – but that each project is special to us – a work of art. Here are some of the associations we’re a part:

  • Professional Awning Manufacturer’s Association (PAMA)
  • Midwest Fabric Products Association (MFPA)
  • Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI)
  • Kansas City Chamber of Commerce

Awnings vs.

Awnings protect. They protect your business from sun damage. They protect your customers from harsh weather. They protect your organization from high energy costs. And they look good doing it. If you’re already looking in to getting blinds, shades or film for your windows, you might want to see what makes awnings better.


  •  Doesn’t block customers’ view
  •  Allows natural light to flow in
  •  Custom branding.  Easy to add personality.
  •  Huge energy savings
  •  Blocks heat from the exterior allowing up to 90% reduction in solar gain.
  •  Welcoming entryway for customers in precipitation or inclement weather.
  •  Storefront visible from the road.
  • Low maintenance.

Blinds, Film

  •  Blocks customers from seeing in or out
  • Blocks natural light
  •  Hard to customize.  Generic.
  •  Nominal energy savings
  •  Blocks heat from the interior allowing 20-60% reduction in solar gain.
  • Will I need an umbrella?
  •  Hope you can see my sign.
  • Replace often due to wearing out or rebranding.

As Is

  •  Glare from afternoon sun keeps customers from seeing in
  • Customers wear sunglasses while shopping
  •  No discernible personality.
  • Crank up the AC folks
  •  No UV protection for customers or goods.
  •  Wish I brought my umbrella.
  • Is this where I park?
  •  Replace window display furniture and goods frequently due to fading and damage.

An awning is an investment. Invest wisely.

What’s smarter than an awning?
Hiring Kansas City Tent & Awning.
Let us show you the difference.

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The process of creating an awning is important because it indicates an additional layer of quality. It helps to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you want, even when you don’t quite know what that is. We can take orders – or provide whatever level of expertise and advice you’re after.


We start with understanding your business and your goals. We don’t just want to know what you think you want. We want to make sure you’re getting just what you need.


Once the objectives are defined, we provide you with concepts to match. If you know exactly what you want, we can build it. But many of our clients look to us to provide concepts that fit.


Whether we’re fulfilling your precise vision or helping you come up with it, the bottom line is that no one does a better job of executing the design. The finished product needs to match what you had in mind all along.

Awning Incentives

Why an awning? Here are some added benefits for choosing an awning.

Save on energy bills. Save the environment. Whatever your motivation is for wanting to be green, awnings help you do just that. When the sun is beating down on your building, it can take a toll on what’s inside.
Protect what you value most. When it’s rainy, awnings keep your customers dry. When it’s sunny, it keeps them cool. When they’re shopping, it keeps them from getting distracted. It protects your merchandise from sun damage. It extends your store front and your service space – by allowing customers to be comfortable indoors or out.
Some awnings get noticed. Others don’t. The ones that do stand out and attract attention. The ones that don’t do their job silently. Letting your business be the hero. Sometimes you need them to just blend in – and an awning done right doesn’t need to stick out like a sore thumb. Either way, when an awning isn’t there, or isn’t done well, then you really notice. The point is that an awning done well will draw in customers – whether directly or subtly.  It serves as a sign. A landmark. A billboard. And an invitation. It’s a beacon. An identifier. You may not know it now, but start looking around – and you’ll soon see how big a role awnings play in the overall appearance of the businesses you frequent.
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