Awning Care: A Cautionary Tale

Awning Care: A Cautionary Tale

Veronica loved her sleek black window awnings. They gave her back porch a touch of class outside and kept her living room cooler inside.

Her Story:

They were installed in the fall, and when cold weather started approaching, she dutifully retracted them into the house to ready for winter.

When Puxsutawney Phil predicted that Spring was on it’s way, she untethered her awnings and was dismayed. They appeared to have faded in spots over the Winter and were dirty and discolored in the folds. As one of our most vocal KCT&A fans, she was disappointed that her awnings appeared to have lasted less than one season.

What The Awning?

She contacted our offices and our team went out to assess. We immediately knew what had gone wrong.

Sometimes, being experts in awnings and fabric, we forget that not everyone is! Can you guess where things went awry?

The Basics

  1. Window awnings are designed to stay up year round. There’s no need to retract them into the house.
  2. If you’d like to take them down during the winter to allow for more light into the room, it’s easy to do.

Veronica was in a sort of awning no-man’s-land. She had left them up, but retracted. This allowed insects, water, dirt and grime to build in the folds.


What To Do?

When we placed good-as-new fabric back on frame, she thanked us for replacing the fabric at no charge. She didn’t understand. We had simply had it cleaned.

Good As New

Awning fabric is extremely durable, fade resistant and easy to clean. Of course, fabric will fade over years of use, but not in a single season.

At this point, the light bulb went off and our very well-meaning customer understood what had happened.

Fair Question

But why do they have a cord if you’re not supposed to retract them?!

The Answer

They retract so you have an option for the level of shad you’d like day to day. Or if you’re having a grillout and need more deck space. But season-to-season, they should either stay up or come down entirely.

Really, it could happen to anyone. The good news is, now she knows. Her window awnings cleaned up lickity-split and she won’t make that mistake again.

And hopefully her story will help clarify a few things about awning care for other awning lovers.

What questions have you always wanted to ask about awning care but felt silly asking? We want to know!