3 Ways Your Storefront Awning is Just Like an Oscar’s Gown

3 Ways Your Storefront Awning is Just Like an Oscar’s Gown

Awards season has officially concluded. We can’t say it went off without a hitch. Yes sir, there were hitches. A missing dress lining took a certain Disney actress from a G to PG-13 rating. Political statements on and off stage created tension among close friends and media outlets. And a Best Picture debacle-for-the-ages will forever be the topic of discussion in ‘whose fault was it actually?’ debates.

But, despite all of the hoopla, the Red Carpet is still the main topic of discussion. Ladies & Gentlemen alike were under the microscope on Best & Worst Dressed lists from Entertainment Weekly to The New York Times.

What does this have to do with awnings? Well, storefront awnings are the equivalent of fashion for your business – A statement of your particular style, branding and a way to set you apart from surrounding businesses.

In fact, there are 3 distinct ways the awning world crosses over into the fashion world.

  1. Off-the-rack vs. Couture

    When a designer chooses to dress an actress, we know they’ve made it. No longer must they trudge through racks of pieces that were designed for the masses. A designer hand-selects the perfect shape, color & material to highlight their most auspicious features.

    Awning designers do the same thing for each of our clients. We take into account the style, structure and dimensions of the building and shopping district you’re in. Also, any discernible style you’ve imparted in the form of logos, décor & colors. And we suggest the perfect compliment.

    A couture gown and a custom awning both mean the same end result – one-of-a-kind!

  2. Highest-Quality Fabric & Materials

    There’s no argument that the best materials available are used in Red Carpet fashions. Textiles are hot commodities because fabric selection affects many aspects of a design’s flow. Kansas City’s own Jocelyn Himes provides hand-dyed fabrics to designers like Donna Karan and Vera Wang, each swath carefully patterned using Shibori tying methods.

    Fabric is at the heart and soul of awnings as well. The quality, structure and style of the fabrics we use lend a subtle, understated elegance to our designs. Awnings – an accent that could otherwise be praised only for their obvious functions (entryway, shade, street visibility, branding), become something else entirely – an accessory to a business-owner’s carefully crafted style and grace.

  3. Trends vs. Classic Style

    Whether being used to clothe a person or a building, fabric trends change from season to season. Red Carpet looks will range from trendy to classic. A black dress in a unique shape will almost always land you on the best-dressed list. And black awnings will compliment most design themes and add an elegant sophistication to your façade.

    But we would be disappointed if all of our Red Carpet favs went for classic black. We want diversity – both in our celebs and our shopfronts. A fun color, vintage striped awning or a scalloped edge can add some personality and curb appeal.

If your city or town had its own Best & Worst Dressed list, what would be your fate?

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