The 4 Do’s and Don’ts of Finding Great Awning Deals

The 4 Do’s and Don’ts of Finding Great Awning Deals

Do’s & Don’ts?

There are some pretty widely accepted do’s and don’ts when it comes to bargain hunting. Buying in bulk, ordering through online retailers, or even purchasing new or refurbished items fall in the ‘do’ category. Following a potential Craigslist gem into a dark alleyway or basement, definitely a ‘don’t’.

Some of these guidelines fall into the realm of common sense. But each industry has it’s own ‘tricks of the trade’. So, as industry experts, we’d like to pass along a few simple tips that you can utilize to shop for a GREAT DEAL on your awnings. And do it with a relish usually reserved for those late night Amazon Prime dates with your computer.

The Do’s and Don’ts of bargain shopping for awnings without sacrificing quality?

  1. Don’t try to DIY, out of a box, from a big home improvement store.

    You might be a DIY savant, the King of all the DIYers, but believe us…you can’t YouTube your way through an awning installation. There are too many variables in terms of measurements and materials. And box stores mass manufacture DIY awning kits for the most basic scenarios. If you end up having any unusual factors due to your home’s structure or age, you might find yourself DIYing your way into a very expensive mistake. We often help homeowners fix botched installations they’ve attempted themselves (or hired inexperienced vendors for…more about that later) and the redo is always more costly than the install would have been if they’d hired us from the beginning so the job would have been done correctly.

  2. Do contact local companies and get advice from resources they provide. Phone consultations are free.

    Our website is a great resource and our sales team is always available to talk with you about your project if you wish. Providing information and consulting with clients is the most important part of a professional’s job. This allows you to develop a rapport and establish trust as the first step. And feel comfortable moving forward with your purchase.

  3. Don’t get sucked in by sales people who don’t do awnings exclusively . You shouldn’t buy awnings from your pool guy.

    In recent years, some other industries have begun offering awnings as an add-on product. You bought a pool, how about this retractable awning? That’s a lovely new deck we built for you, why don’t you let us cover it with a patio awning? The problem with this approach is that it’s much like getting a root canal from your dental hygienist. He/she understands your teeth, but they’re not trained to start drilling around in there! We truly believe that there’s an art to awning design and an expertise involved with installation. Awnings are our business, and our only business.

  4. Do buy your awning during the colder months when the best pricing and quickest turnaround is available.

    As in any industry, our suppliers raise the prices of raw goods once a year, right before we gear up for our busy season. Right now is the best time to get your awning at a better price, without sacrificing anything in the way of quality. That way when the warm weather hits you will be ready to enjoy the comfort and shade provided by your awesome new awning.

So, if you’ve been considering an awning purchase, but need a little bit of extra incentive, here it is! Awning orders received before March 30th will receive 5% off when you mention this blog post. I would consider that a gigantic ‘DO’ if anyone is keeping score.

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