3 Ways Awnings Enhance Your Storefront’s Curb Appeal

3 Ways Awnings Enhance Your Storefront’s Curb Appeal

Be found. Be inviting. Be remembered. Keep these three attributes in mind anytime you’re trying to enhance your customers impressions. Interestingly, an awning can help you achieve this. Here are three ways you can enhance your curb appeal in a snap.

1.) Signage – Turn your awning into an ad

We all understand that signage is a crucial aspect of curb appeal for businesses. Letting people know you’re there is the first step in building customer relationships. But just throwing a fluorescent open sign in the window and flipping the switch doesn’t quite cut it. To add value, signage has to be consistent with your branding and communicate with consumers at their level. They have to be able to:

  • See it from the sidewalk if they’re walking or the street when they drive by.
  • Clearly tell what your business is from the name and graphics on the sign.

It can be all too easy to mistake a business for something it’s NOT because of vague branding, as detailed in this article

“Last month I saw a new business with a great graphic displaying its name, “The Joint.” That’s a clever name for a medical marijuana dispensary, I thought. Then I got closer and realized it was actually a chiropractor’s office. A logo or display of a spine or skeleton would have helped a lot here.”

One solution? Using a storefront awning as signage, you can communicate so much about your business’ personality and style:

  • Choose a unique color or pattern that’s flirty or fun.







  • Add your logo or business name to the awning so it’s visible from more angles and from much farther away than your windows might be.
  • Add smaller awnings over multiple entry points if you don’t have a single point of entry. This will carry your brand’s feel throughout the entire storefront.

2.) Visibility – Let your awning help navigate customers

We’ve all tried to give directions to a client or customer on the phone. Some people are good with north/south/east/west directions or left/right. Some do better with landmarks. (Some may never find you regardless 🙂 But everyone will understand, ‘Look for the red awning on the right.’

A storefront awning can help people find you, and remember where you are next time, by giving them a visual point of reference.

3.) Décor – Branding from the outside in

Adding a fun bench, potted plants, a cheery welcome mat and even a doggie water bowl can be great ways to draw customers to your shop. Whether you’re in a small town district that’s full of charming storefronts, or you’re in a strip center where each shop is as generic as the next, fun décor can set your storefront apart from those around you. And a Storefront Awning can provide a shady spot for these items (and your customers) to sit. It will protect your decor from the sun and rain, so they will look newer longer. Think of it like a front porch for your business! And who doesn’t love a pretty front porch?


For more ideas for your storefront, visit our Commercial Awning gallery.  And if you’re ready to jazz up your curb appeal, give us a call for a no-obligation, complimentary consultation!