A Drainage Solution You Might Not Have Considered

A Drainage Solution You Might Not Have Considered

Talking drainage solutions isn’t exactly the most sexy topic, but when it comes to awnings and canopies, it’s important.

Amanda & Scott Jolley of Scott Jolley Productions bought a building in the historic Longfellow neighborhood, just north of Hyde Park. With Kansas City staples like Martini Corner just, well, around the corner, this sweet residential area is as up and coming as they come.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

They were continuously dealing with one particular problem, common to those who’ve restored historic buildings. The lower floor was taking in water despite being resealed. In addition to the obvious issue of water in the home, the pooling rainwater was also deteriorating the attached porch. Rather than rebuilding the garage and upper porch, they began looking for a way to divert water, and a canopy was the perfect drainage solution.

Pick Us, Pick Us

When asking around for references for local awning companies, it became clear that there was one company that stood out from the rest and was recommended over and over. We hate to brag, but hey, it’s our blog!

Give Us A Ring

When they called, they admittedly didn’t know a lot about awnings. So our sales team walked them through their options – styles, design and fabric choices. We also explained the importance of carrying the canopy beyond the edge of the porch, which is crucial when using an canopy for drainage rather than just shade.  They settled on window awnings and a matching patio canopy covering the porch over the garage.

A Little Bit About Us

We take awnings pretty seriously around here…you might have read about one of our core principles, ‘Awnings are Art’. So, while we’re excited that we provided a practical drainage solution, it’s important to us that our client is happy with the aesthetic of the end result. Amanda said the awnings look great!

She was also ‘amazed’ at how quickly the installation took place. And impressed with how ‘sturdy’ the awnings were. ‘It’s an old building’, after all. This is because our installation team has been around for a long time. They’ve installed in historic buildings all over the city and take extra steps to be sure the awnings are anchored with care.

Pass or Fail?

In the six months since installation, our products have certainly been tested. We’ve had some record rains in Kansas City with several areas suffering from flash flooding. But the Jolley home has stayed dry, thanks to their new awnings and patio canopy.

Drainage, check. Installation, check. But how about the process? Amanda felt like communication was ‘easy’ throughout. Which we think is about the best compliment a company can receive.

So, whether you’re a homeowner looking for drainage solutions for your patio, or front or back door or you’re a business owner looking at diverting water from your front or back entrance, awnings might be the perfect drainage solution for you!

To see a portfolio of our work click here for Residential or here for Commercial. And if you’re ready to talk with someone and get a no-obligation quote, contact us here.