Exterior Design Tips For Your Home

Exterior Design Tips For Your Home


Exterior design for you home can feel a little bit overwhelming.  You want it to feel like your style, but also be easy to maintain.  And if you want to make changes, whether seasonal or just because you get bored easily, you want to be able to do this with ease and not spend a fortune!


You’ve come to the right place.  Our designers think about exterior design for every client we work with and they are going to share some simple tips from their expertise that can help you know where to start.

 Express Yourself

Don’t be scared to add personality to the mix!  Just do it in ways that can be traded out when you’re over it.  Striped window awnings can say playful, while a classic black with white trim is timeless and elegant.  Think Betsey Johnson versus Coco Chanel.  And if you’re feeling especially expressive, you could mix some striped window awnings with a contrasting door awning.

colors photoThe ‘rules’ of home decor, much like the rules of fashion, have been thrown out the window!  The fashion police are not going to write me a ticket for carrying a handbag that doesn’t match my shoes.  And they won’t knock on your door either if you decide to get a little crazy with some fun awnings.

Don’t Be Afraid of Color

For obvious reasons, choosing a loud paint color for your home isn’t a great idea.  Your neighbors won’t appreciate and you might get a letter from you HOA.  Also, when you tire of it, you’re looking at a significant time and financial investment to swap it out.  But choosing a color that screams ‘you’ for the front door might be just the ticket.  Especially if you’ve gone for a more classic look with your door awning.


Speaking of Coco Chanel, her advice when accessorizing is to remove the last thing you put on before you walk out the door.  Not so with your home!  Accessorize with unique planters, a cool mailbox, a fun umbrella for your patio, a vintage porch swing that you refurbished yourself.  And put all of these things together!!

With all due respect to Miss Chanel, accessorizing is an art form, and when done well – there’s no need to take anything off. As long as all of the pieces you have are pieces that you love, it won’t feel like too much.  And accessories can easily be swapped out when you’re ready for an update or change in color scheme.

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Head over to our Door & Window Awnings portfolio page and check out some of our favorite awnings.  And for more great design tips for your home’s exterior, follow us on Pinterest.