Grandma knows best – even when it comes to awnings!

Grandma knows best – even when it comes to awnings!
When we think about recycling, there are a variety of topics that typically come to mind – collecting and crushing aluminum cans for coins in my youth, ‘saving the trees’ in high school while watching paper consumption and in adulthood purchasing recycled office items. But cans and paper aren’t the only things that get recycled. The fashion world recycles vintage styles. One trip to the mall, with its current abundance of neon and polka dots proves that the eighties are back. Music trends cycle in and out as well…just ask the managers for artists like Michael Buble and Adele. On the home front, awnings were the go-to for our grandparents for energy conservation. Before central air-conditioning was a staple, there was an obvious need for help with cooling. And our grandparents knew that awnings could provide just that.


The ancient Romans used a system of awnings called the ‘velarium’ to provide shade and cool two-thirds of the Colosseum stadium. Since that time, this ‘trend’ that has been around since…well, forever, has made a reappearance as a modern addition to homes and storefronts. And with good reason! Outside of aiding in cooling in your home, awnings also allow your air conditioner to work more efficiently. So as with other life lessons, our grandparents were ahead of the curve.

Stationary, Retractable, Fabric, Metal, Motorized…with so many options when purchasing your awnings, they are easy to personalize. And for commercial clients, awnings are an excellent way to extend branding beyond simple window signs. Next week, we’ll talk about how to customize your awning purchase to meet your individual needs.

Whether purchasing for your home or business, awnings are a way to communicate your personal style. And you can feel good about the fact that you are contributing to a sustainable world. One where recycling is certainly about reusing resources but also remembering that knowledge is the most important resource. And since awnings have been around for the entirety of the civilized world, they’ve had plenty of time to prove themselves as a valuable addition to any home or business.


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