Entertaining in the rain – your patio awning might save your dinner party.

Entertaining in the rain – your patio awning might save your dinner party.

If you’ve lived in Kansas City for any amount of time, you know that Spring is a precarious time to schedule an event outdoors.  The weather gods are fickle this time of year.  It can be sunny and 75 one day and 6 inches of snow the next!

And the rain, you might ask?  Forget about trying to predict that.  Our weather systems like to fluctuate between drought and torrential rains with flooding on a whim.

This can lead to some tricky dinner party planning.  What is there to do if your eat-in kitchen seats only 4 people and you really need your patio?  You can’t rely on the weatherman’s forecast, that’s for sure.

So what can I do to ensure my guests don’t get caught in a downpour?

A patio awning is the perfect solution for party planning – an April showers insurance policy if you will.  If you end up with Spring weather perfection, the weather gods have smiled upon you.  But on the off-chance that drizzles occur, your guests are cocooned under canvas, where they can enjoy their dry merlot…while remaining dry themselves.

And take comfort, those April showers are bringing May flowers.  And soon enough, we will all be complaining about the summer heat.  But we have solutions for that as well.  We can talk about that soon.

For now, check out some patio awning ideas and give us a call, 816.472.TENT.  Your dinner party guests thank you in advance.