A Pergola Cover: The Upgrade You Didn’t Know You Needed

A Pergola Cover: The Upgrade You Didn’t Know You Needed


Has anyone else found themselves pulled into the HGTV vortex, specifically the phenom that is Fixer Upper? It’s binge-worthy for sure.

For the most part, I find myself in full submission to Joanna’s seemingly flawless design aesthetic and Chip’s quirky construction prowess. But they always lose me when it comes to outdoor dining.


They have a bit of a pergola problem. The problem being that they love pergolas and will add them to pretty much any project with sufficient space for outdoor seating. And they’re gorgeous! I can completely get behind the design aspect. But they lack in functionality – they don’t provide shade.


I understand that in Waco, Texas weather isn’t as unpredictable as here in the heart of the Midwest, where we can experience all 4 seasons in a week’s time. But Texas homeowners are most certainly looking for a shady place to relax with a cold glass of sweet tea (or something stronger).

I also love how there’s always a custom farm-style table and chairs immaculately dressed with place settings and centerpieces that would make Martha Stewart proud. But I can’t help but wonder what a couple months of fade-inducing sunshine will do to all of that lovely furniture and accessories?


The pergola itself is just a structure. It provides little function outside of defining a space’s purpose – ‘hello, I’m your outdoor seating area, but please don’t expect much else from me.’

So why the popularity? How has the pergola become the outdoor design sweetheart of television stars and Pinterest DIYers alike?

They’re pretty. Like, really-really pretty.

But does that justify the cost of materials and installation?

Probably not on its own, but we can help you transition this innately beautiful feature into a practical outdoor living space with the addition of one thing – and it happens to be our specialty.


A mesh fabric cover can transform your pergola into an outdoor oasis. It provides shade. Protects your furniture and fixtures fading. And it adds a touch of color and uniqueness.

We have two favorite methods for covering pergolas:

1.  A static top cover is clean and modern. Fabrics can be solid or patterned to add interest. It can be left up year round or taken down. Simple and classic.

2. We can weave fabric throughout. You can use the same color or pattern or alternate fabrics to add some whimsy. This highlights the wooden frame, making a statement. A new take on an elegant fixture.







And depending on what time of day the sun hits your pergola and when you like to use it, you might want to consider drop curtains for even more shade coverage. They can easily be rolled up and down when needed.

Our 90% mesh is extremely durable. Its tightly woven fibers stand up to the elements without stretching or sagging. And its density provides maximum shade.


In fact, one of our clients says it is consistently 11-14 degrees cooler under his pergola! (Read about his project here.)

How about you? Have you been pinning pergola designs and DIY tips for months?? Is the lack of shade keeping you from taking the next step? Or is pretty for pretty’s sake good enough?

We’d love to help you design the perfect pergola covering so you can start enjoying your outdoor living space as much as possible. And we can’t be sure, but we think Chip & Joanna would be proud!