Project highlight: the Waters’ Pergola Design

Project highlight: the Waters’ Pergola Design

Mr. Waters had designed a beautiful pergola for his back patio.  He found a local company to build it.  But when it came time to find fabric for the covering, he hit a major roadblock.  Not only did fabric stores not carry outdoor fabrics in the quantity he would need, the fabrics they did have did not have the UV protection he wanted.  He and his wife Googled quite a bit and were going to settle for a fabric that was less than ideal, when they hit another detour…the amount of time required to hem the entire length and width of the fabric themselves would be astronomical.  The sign of a great DIYer is knowing when to bring in a professional.  From the time they first contacted KC Tent & Awning, they knew they were in good hands.

KC Tent and Awning Designer      Jim, their designer, asked questions they hadn’t considered:

  • How did they plan to clear the ceiling fan that was attached in the center of the pergola? They could accomplish that with a weaving pattern.
  • When they wove the fabric, did they want to stick with a single color or choose complimenting colors in order to add visual interest?  Jim directed them to a similar project on our site, the Doleshal home.  They decided on a contemporary design in alternating colors to show their unique style.
  • How would they attach the fabric to the pergola?  This is an especially important question because pergola coverings are typically 3-season.  They should be removed during the winter in order to extend their life.  So being sure they’re attached in a way that’s both secure, yet easy to remove and put back up is key.  And Mr. Waters is the consummate DIYer – he wanted to be able to install, remove and put the covering back up each season himself.  In the end, Jim guided him to the perfect attachment system and put together a template so he would know exactly how to install and remove them.  And he could easily replicate the process each year.

The end result is eye-catching for sure, but what about the process and cost?  Mr. Waters felt that both the products and design services he received could not have been found anywhere else.  (And he knows because he searched for months, online and with calls around to various other companies!)

And how about his pergola?  Well, last weekend, he hosted a birthday party with more than 40 guests and everyone congregated under his beautiful pergola.  Why?  The outdoor thermometer read 98 degrees, but under the pergola, it was a comfortable 84.  A whopping 14 degrees cooler!!  

Does he feel the cost of hiring a professional to help was worth it?  Absolutely.  He said he would have paid double what he was charged.  But you didn’t hear that from me.