Shade Solutions – when is the best time to plant a tree?

Shade Solutions – when is the best time to plant a tree?

Let’s paint a picture…you’re sitting on your back deck or patio in early Spring. You’re thinking how lovely it would be to have a big beautiful shade tree to sit under. You wonder, ‘when is the best time to plant a tree?’


A quick Google search gives you countless articles on when to plant…Spring. Perfect! But the bad news, voluptuous shade trees don’t grow overnight. A fast growing shade tree takes at least 10 years to mature?!


The answer to the question, when is the perfect time to plant a shade tree then? 20 years ago!! Not a very satisfying one, we know. Will you even be in this home by the time that tree is mature enough to provide a meaningful amount of shade? Will it survive as a fledgling? This tree planting idea isn’t looking promising, Google.

Shady, Shade, Shade

But Mother Nature doesn’t have a monopoly on shade, we promise. In fact, people in the dessert have known about another shade solution for structures since before the invention of pants! Dating back as far as Ancient Rome and The Coliseum.

Drumroll please…..

So in the spirit of instant gratification, we’ll let you in on a little tidbit of info. Awnings can provide that perfect spot of shade you’re searching for…in just a few weeks. No years of maturation required!

The process is simple: you meet with a designer to discuss the right fit, choose colors/style/materials/measurements, then place your order. We go to work immediately in our local manufacturing facility. And voila! Your beautiful, custom creation is ready before you know it. And installation is a snap as well, just a few hours!

No maintenance = smaller honey-do list

Your awning will require virtually none of the maintenance a shady tree brings along with it.

  1. No branches to trim
  2. No leaves to gather and dispose of
  3. No gooey sap caking your outdoor furniture, deck or patio
  4. No critters living or nesting in it

All of the benefits of shade without the upkeep!

So, new question, when’s the perfect time to order your awning? Well, today of course!!  Fill out a contact form or give us a call, 816.472.8368