Shop for awnings…without sitting through a sales pitch

Shop for awnings…without sitting through a sales pitch

As a homeowner, when I make the decision to bite the bullet and make the investment in a purchase for my home, I’m not considering who I should purchase from right off the bat. First, I have to decide what I want to purchase, in what color and type, and how I want it to be installed. I am target-marketed everywhere from Facebook to my favorite websites with ads that tell me which company offers just what I need. But how can they know what I need when I’m not quite sure myself?!

Awnings for my windows or a canopy over my front entry or back deck might be exactly what I need. But how can I figure it out…without enduring a sales pitch? We’re glad you asked! Kansas City Tent & Awning has several options for shopping our products without ever having to endure a sales call.

  • We have a showroom in our downtown office where you can browse photos, see and feel product samples, and even walk through our manufacturing facility. Since all of our products are custom-made locally, you can probably catch us in the process of completing a one-of-a-kind awning for one of our customers. Make an appointment or stop by today!
  • You can receive a ballpark quote over the phone or schedule a specialist to come to your home or business to measure and put together some recommendations for you. Our knowledgeable staff isn’t there to sell you their idea of what they think you should want. They want to help you determine what you actually need and help you understand the best process for achieving what you’re going for. Just give us a call at 816.472.8368.
  • We offer a special service that allows customers to see a rendering of what their home will look like with the awnings they’re interested in. We take a photo, add the awnings to the image and send it to you electronically. Talk about taking the guesswork out of a purchase!

These options are available to our customers at absolutely no cost or obligation to make a purchase. We want you to feel comfortable with the decision to add awnings or a canopy to your home or business before we even try to sell you on why we’re the best company for you! Contact us today to start the process.

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