Top 5 Reasons to Consider Awnings

Top 5 Reasons to Consider Awnings

Awnings are our thing, so we always think they’re a good idea. But to add some weight to our argument, we’ve come up with the Top 5 reasons you should think about making awnings your thing too.




1.) Up Your Curb Appeal

whether you’re a business owner needing customers to see your business from the street or a homeowner wanting to stand out from the cookie cutter facades on your block, awnings could be the perfect solution.  Patrons and guests will spot you from the street!

2.) Made in the Shade

For commercial businesses, merchandise in the windows is often subject to ruin. Awnings for your front windows can be a cost-saving way of rescuing your inventory. For residential customers, the back of your couch is never safer than when a window or patio awning is installed. No more faded leather or bleached out fabric.


3.) Take Your Coat Off and Stay Awhile As a patron or visitor, there’s nothing worse than trying to figure out where to open and close your umbrella or slip into your overcoat when walking into a store or home. A door awning or an entry canopy is the perfect spot for your guests to transition from indoors to out.

4.) Rain, Rain, Drain Away

Diverting rain away from doorways and windowsills is a practical advantage of awnings in both business and residential. Rain should stay outside where it does good, not harm. And especially in older homes or revitalized commercial areas where buildings are older, awnings can be a drainage lifesaver just by keep the rain outside.

5.) It’s Electric, Boogie Woogie Woogie

If you’ve ever dreaded opening your KCP&L bill because it’s been a scorcher summer in KC, then you know all too well the lengths we will all go to to save on our electric bills. Research has shown that awnings can reduce energy bills significantly, especially for homes or businesses who face direct sunlight for long portions of the day.

Are awnings your thing too?  What’s your fav benefit??  If not, which of these benefits appeals the most to you?  Leave a comment or send us a message.