The Science Of Awnings

The Science Behind the Art

Awnings aren’t just a pretty accessory. Behind every great work of art, there is science to support it. The science and the process allow this art form to take shape. Take a look behind the scenes. Look under the hood. Discover the benefits and the functions of awnings. Learn how to get the most our of your awning once it’s installed. Once you learn about what awnings can really do for your home – and what distinguishes between good and great, you’ll start to see the art in our awnings.


The Awning Advantage

What makes Kansas City Tent & Awning better? What benefits can an awning give you that film and blinds can’t? What are the benefits of custom awnings over store-bought? What advantages can awnings bring to your home?


The Science of Design

Get a behind-the-scenes look into what happens when you call Kansas City Tent & Awning. What goes into our design strategy and concepts? How does it move from concept to production to installation? What questions should you ask when deciding on an awning company? What type of awning should you get? Check us out and you’ll soon see.


Awning Econ 101

Awnings can help you save money. They can help save on energy costs (and energy efficiency). They can protect what’s inside from sun damage. They can add value to your home and provide additional, comfortable living space. Learn the basics of the Economics behind our awnings.

Econ 101

Custom Creations

Find out why custom is better than store bought. If you’re an architect or engineer, see how we can collaborate with you to make your vision a reality. And view our portfolio of our top custom jobs.


Enhance Your Living Space

You invest a lot in your home. An awning or canopy can stretch that investment to give you more than you bargained for. Find out how.


Awning Care

Once your awning is installed, take the necessary steps to get the most out of your investment. Find out how to maintain everything from the fabric to the frame. Also, learn the necessary steps to cleaning your awning.



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