The Science Of Design

Design Melds Art With Science

How we go from concept to completion.

Whether you’re looking to make some needed home improvements or you’re an architect looking to have someone execute your vision, you’ll find that not only is our end product a work of art, so is our process. Our skilled craftsmen will help from concept, to design, to execution to installation – it’s all a part of the creative process.



Before we get started, asking the right questions makes all the difference. And whether you have a vision or you’re looking to us for inspiration, we will collaborate with you make sure we design quality work that hits the mark every time. It all starts with the initial consultation. Your objectives, constraints and ideas are the beginning of a beautiful experience.


Once we’ve had a chance to really understand your own goals, we take that information back to our team and begin constructing solutions. We look to what’s been done before, then we bend and shape it to create something unique and special. We design to fit your style, objectives, budget and needs.



Once the strategy is in place and the concepts are approved, we get to work to making it a reality. Our renderings follow us throughout the process. Our project managers ensure that the strategy moves from design to welding, to assembly, to installation to follow-up and maintenance. We make sure that what starts in the mind ends up in your home.


If there are any special graphic needs, our facility has the technology to get the perfect design onto the canvas. If there are any special needs, we manage the process of making sure the art is flawless before we apply the frames.





Each frame is custom welded to fit the precise specifications laid out in the early concept and rendering phases. Just like the design, no two frames are alike – everything is custom because everyone’s needs are different.


As the frame is being prepared, so is the covering. Whether it’s fabric, metal or something altogether different, we have the the capability and experience to make any concept come to life.





Now it’s time to put the pieces together. All of that work starts to take shape as your awnings and canopies now have form and become a true work of art.


Since awnings come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, getting it to the final destination can be a very interesting part of the process. We sometimes need to get creative, but we’ll get it there, on time.





An awning isn’t finished until it’s installed. Our installation, just as much as our craftsmanship, is ensured to be done with a high degree of quality and care. We take pride in every step of the process to make sure the vision is perfectly executed – from beginning to end.

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