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The History of Residential Awnings

Residential awnings have a long and rich history dating back to ancient Egypt where awnings were used in the desert to protect against treacherous heat conditions. Kansas City Tent & Awning has it’s own rich history beginning in 1901. But what we’re most excited about is the legacy we’re creating now.


200 BC - Ancient Egypt The first "residential" awnings date back to the days of ancient Egypt as the Egyptians discovered ways to minimize the impact of the hot desert sun.

While we can"t verify how far back the use of awnings goes, we do know through ancient hieroglyphs that Pharaohs would purchase extravagant awnings for their sons" dorms for their first semester at the University of Alexandria.

500 AD Since the days of the Ancient Egyptians, other warm climate areas began using similar styles of awnings that we use today.

Here, you"ll see a striking resemblance to some modern household designs: from awnings over decks and patios to draped fabric over pergolas to door and window awnings.
Late 19th Century From the late 19th Century to the early 20th Century, awnings began to become a prominent part of our country"s landscape. While function inspired form, awnings covered homes from top to bottom as other forms for climate control were not yet available.
Depression Era During the Great Depression and beyond, form took a back seat to function as many home-grown, make-shift structures took shape.

Of course, there were always exceptions as many country houses still put a lot of effort into this essential part of the home"s exterior.
1901 - Kansas City Tent & Awning is founded In 1901, Kansas City Tent & Awning opened their doors and a new era in Awnings and Canopies was taking shape.
1980 to Present Kansas City Tent & Awning continue to help define the Kansas City residential landscape with a unique blend of traditional designs with new, cutting-edge, creative solutions.

You can"t go far without seeing one of our awnings highlighting homes throughout the Greater Kansas City Area.
2015 and Beyond KCT&A continues to push the envelope and search for new ways to expand our craft.

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